The Applewood Garden Club of Mississauga Ontario is a small community-based club.

Most members live in south Mississauga–Applewood Acres, Orchard Heights, Sherway Gardens, Clarkson and Port Credit–but some hail from Oakville and Etobicoke.

Need we say that no matter where you live, you’re welcome as a member or guest at our meetings and events.

Our focus is horticultural, of course, but we also love to socialize.

A Christmas dinner and a June meeting in a member’s garden, with refreshments, are two of our social events.

We also believe in giving back to the community, and have raised thousands of dollars in support of deserving local organizations.

See About Us for more of our history

  • Monthly meetings feature informed and articulate speakers with take-home ideas
  • Our Great Neighbourhood Gardens tour takes you to inspiring gardens you can relate to. See how gardeners like you solve problems like yours.
  • The annual Plant Sale offers choice perennials and tried-and-true plants from members’ gardens.
  • Meetings are the third Thursday of every month September to May, at St. Luke’s Anglican Church, 1513 Dixie Rd., across from Dixie Value Mall.

                                      The Three + 1 Tenors

Ken Brown

Iris, Peony, Daylily and Lily are the four powerful perennials that should be the backbone of any perennial garden.  Ken usually has at least a hundred Iris varieties in his garden and he allows several of the other three some of the left over room.  In Ken’s mind the Iris is the Queen of the perennial garden with its fabulous blooms but they do not last forever and their foliage is not their best feature.  By adding peonies and daylilies to his garden, Ken extends the flowering season and introduces some other colours and foliage.  In this presentation, methods of propagation and planting, and a look at the care and feeding of these wonderful plants are sprinkled through an overview of their amazing range of sizes, colours and textures as Ken humorously shares his enthusiasm and affection for these horticultural delights.
Ken Brown is a frequent speaker at gardening events and garden club meetings.  Ken has lived and gardened in the area around Toronto and spent most of his professional life working with tropical and sub tropical plants.  Ken was the horticulturist in charge of creating natural native habitats for the Metro Toronto Zoo’s animal population.  He spent 20+ years operating an interior landscaping firm and gardened in his home outdoor garden as a hobby and way of feeding a growing family.  Ken is author of Dallying in The Dirt, a free online newsletter.

Location: St Luke’s Anglican Church, 1513 Dixie Rd, 7 pm, $5 for guests

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